Oh Brother, why art thou?

What do oat craving pigs, a stoned-looking moth, a hungry hungry beaver and a persistently glitchy printer have in common?

They are the latest protagonists in a series of rapidly evolving memes centered loosely around the strong desire for an obvious object, often with the use of the word brother, but written with umlauts as "bröther". The umlauts give the speaker a foreign accent of sorts, making them more believable (english probably isn't their first language).

First there was the oats brother meme. Pigs love oats, apparently. You'll see some classic communist remixing, send nudes, salt bae, and a few more.
Then, quite briefly, it was a photo of a cat on it's haunches apparently wanting its owners fruit loops. The internet loves cats, so why not.
Here is a bonus cat loop meme for your viewing pleasure, free of charge. 
What? Brother meme is evolving! 
Congratulations! Your cat evolved into a moth!
Somehow, a funny moth image came onto the scene. The iconic image looks like an unflattering, blurry closeup. We all know moths love lamps and lights, much more than we collectively understand the cat's desire for loops. This rendition really took off.
But, as Icarus flew too close to the sun, so too did brother moth fly too far into the adoring hearts of the meme loving public. He was quickly replaced by log loving beaver.
This is a bonus meme history meta meme. You are now a level 5 meme master.  
Ok, the holy trinity pinnacle convergence of the brother memes is represented in this single image. You are now level 8, and should grasp what's going on here. 
As brother beaver began to hit your meme feeds, I think we knew this meme was dying, and had likely peaked with the moth. You can't keep iterating on this format in such a predictable way - an animal that loves a thing it wants to eat. So, as a last ditch effort to keep the meme train spice flowing, memers took it in a non-biological direction:
Ladies and gentleman, the Magnet of Magenta, the Titan of Toner, the combo home office copy-scanner-PRINTER...
The funny thing about the printer is that there is a brand of printer called "Brother". If I was them, I'd take this one week that their brand is popular and monetizzzzeeee. Anyway, everyone hates printers, and printer logic. So the twist to the printer is that it wants the color magenta, even though you may only need to print in black and white.
So there ya have it, a brief history of the beautiful, wonderful and mysterious path of natural meme evolution.

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