Mom, can you give me money?

For memes? Yeeeeesss, for memes ;)

There are so many hot meme trends and formats right now, it’s tough to choose just one. I think this one will be spicy enough for ya. You’ve probably seen it around, but it goes something like this:


Entity 1 - “[authority figure] can you give me [something I want for the purpose of something you approve of]?”

Entity 2 - “to buy [the thing I approve of]?

Entity 1 -”yeeeeess, [the thing you approve of]

Entity 1 - *imagines buying the thing they really want, which would likely find disapproval from the authority figure*

The earliest known branch of this meme tree was made in 2012 in a One Direction fan page! Here it is:
This format is actually quite self explanatory

The “mom” is a popular meme icon herself, famous for perfectly expressing the “are you kidding me?? Are you serious??” look. She defines the early stages of this meme format, and is the glue that holds this family (of memes) together.

It gets increasingly non-sensical, and begins to lean on more traditional memes for support, such as storing pee in the balls, doggos, and here comes dat boi

Little side note for ya
This meme exhibits 3 highly prevalent elements in addition to complying with the format, making it noteworthy, albeit not very funny. 1)Cartoons and memes have a naturally symbiotic relationship. 2)There is a whole genre of meme centered around the (false) fact that pee is stored in the balls - see examples below. 3) It's deep fried as hell (over saturated giving it a "burnt" orange/yellow/red color). 
Then evolution came onto the scene, and shit got real

Ok, maybe this one got a little too real. Maybe funny cuz it's true? I think I can appreciate it for the irony, but definitely not funny. Unless you laughed. You won't. I didn't.

Ayyyy, these loop scoopin, log lustin, lamp chasin fools keep popping up all over the place. But you know all about them already from our past issue...
Annnnnnd then it turned sexual. Classic.

I don’t anticipate this one evolving much. It’s a hard meme to copy into other formats, as its main element is the structure with which it presents information to you, the kind of setup and punchline. A good meme to copy elements into, but not good for exporting elements from, or hybridizing outside its own format.

I was able to get a graphic designer to reproduce this meme template for you, here it is free of charge... jump in and make your own now that you know all about it! Forward your creation to a friend or coworker! 

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Look, staying on top of meme trends is a lot of work, and a big waste of time. Let me waste that time for you, so you can laugh more and fruitlessly scroll less.


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