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You may have noticed a new trend in your feed...

This post was made by "X" gang. It looks like a shitty political ad campaign, with an often insulting primary message, and a highly visible "watermark" saying who the attack "ad" was created by. It typically says something like "Imagine (a bad thing people don't like) - This post was made by (the good thing you do like) gang". The timing in popularity of this one surely speaks to the subconscious recognition of voting/campaigning season that is now upon us. YEET THE VOTE!

I mean, political ads are basically memes, right?
You can see how this (poorly designed, text heavy) political ad captures some of the essence carried by the "This Post Was Made by X Gang" meme. 
X-Gang Origins: The Joker

We can trace the rise of this particular flavor of meme back to a small facebook group named Gang Weed. It has become an inside joke to watermark their content with an early 2000’s style TOP TEXT BOTTOM TEXT impact font meme (you know the one...scumbag steve, success kid etc)

Gang Weed maintains a culture around a few central points: The Joker, Gentleman Gamers, and Weed. Oh, kids these days.
Weed Gang goes gangrene, get it on your gram feed

This is the meat and potatoes of the meme. You'll see many iterations of this format. Simple, clear, and plenty of room for diversity, it may thrive for several weeks!

It's not a healthy meme unless it develops semi-meta habits...let's crank it up a notch

I know that one wasn't meta per se, but it paired nicely with the cop meme. If I wasn't primed for it, I might just have posted a pic with me at my home Kevin Bertolerbro 550 Upham St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93469 #Class1Drug

Alright, yuo should be able to fully appreciate these now
Oh would you look at that! A mashup from last weeks trend. If you were a subscriber, you'd totally get this one ;)
This format plays nicely into the human psyche of tribalism, and our desire to maintain the "Us vs Them" mentality. I think we enjoy feeling like anonymous shitposters are trying to relate to us in some tiny way. As though, more now than ever, we need to coalesce. To find the similarities a group of global, anonymous internet users may share. Unlike those goddam heathen raccoons. #thispostwasmadebypeoplegang

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