Black Hole, or Wack Hole?

Memes this week waxed scientific in response to the release of the first image of a black hole. The image is notable for several reasons, including the impressive dedication of resources and efforts that the international collaboration of Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project researchers invested into its creation. It required 4 petabytes of data from 8 telescopes to be analyzed. The resulting representation of the black hole fits predictions made by the theory of general relativity (Einstein proved right. Again).
The lucky black hole that got its picture taken by the world’s top researchers lives a quiet life inside a galaxy a mere 53 million light years from Earth, called Messier 87. The black hole’s mass is estimated to be about 6.5 billion times that of our Earth’s sun, making it supermassive. According to all reports, however, the black hole saw no need to slim down for it's telescopic photo shoot.
Like a photon traveling into the center of a black hole, the internet became utterly captivated by one enthusiastic researcher. Doctor Katie Bouman. She created the algorithm that processed raw data into the image of the black hole. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly for the internet, she conveys a sense of authentic elation about every aspect of the process of scientific discovery. 
The choice of images transposed onto Katie's computer screen reflects and manifests subject matter that the internet cares about in the moment. Thus, while Katie Bouman may be delighted about rigorous astronomical research, the internet finds joy in substantially less intellectual topics. Among others, it includes a depiction of Dr. Bouman matching with 2018 TikTok meme phenomenon Ricardo Milos.
If Dr. Bouman can express curious excitement, perhaps too she can express a broader range of emotion? We see Minecraft summon a constellation of intense feeling, as the death of a pig or of her own character results in bitter sorrow. 
Considerable skill and persistence is required for the meme creator to generate an acceptably proportioned image on Dr. Bouman’s computer screen. Ironically, some meme creators struggled to edit a meme about a scientist whose magnum opus is the creation of a complex image. Here, the chasm between the memes and their subject is revealed to be as vast as the space between our planet and the black hole spinning at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy.
Another area of focus taken up by the memes was the perceived lack of focus and overall blurriness that characterizes the black hole image. 
The low res nature of the black hole image was not simply noted by memes, but was also reflected in the, possibly satirical, reporting that occurred around it. 
Most memes weren't critical of the black holes blurriness, but instead played with that quality of the image for humorous effect. They contemplated what further enhancement of the image might reveal. 
These two really are hard to tell apart
For some, the blurry black hole is inferior to other, more clearly defined, black hole images. The realistic, scientific image loses out against the CGI movie depictions of black holes. This variation of meme sets a dangerous precedent. We all know the negative impact of airbrushed images and unrealistic movie portrayals on self-esteem.
Certain other memes note that black holes have strong gravitational fields that prevent anything from escaping them, and decide that this must mean that black holes suck things into themselves. The immediate sexual connotations of this fact are apparent.
The black hole also becomes personified, taking on various attitudes that are subsequently explored by the memes. Was the black hole upset over the fact that people did not appreciate the quality of the image?  Perhaps instead, the black hole was just happy to share its picture with the world, and had been waiting for this moment to arrive for eons.
HA! Gottemm
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