50 Shades of Mashups

A whole lotta kinks to work out

It’s a pattern we see over and over again: how many memes, cultural references, and trendy artifacts can be mashed together? What happens if we take it too far? Do we even care? I stumbled across a heavily hybridized meme I wanted to share with you, to serve as a corner piece for understanding the greater social meme puzzle. This is a long one, for which I profusely apologize.

Presenting: The Ben Shapiro, Family Guy, Undertale, Overwatch, No Nut November, and Reddit Combo Meme

This image was posted on the Subreddit r/memes November 2nd, with a title “MegaLolLibtardRekt”. The title does a surprising amount of heavy lifting for setting the tone of interpretation for the meme. I’ll give you the social context around each element, starting with Ben Shapiro.

Okay, this is epic

Ben Shapiro is a conservative who destroys liberals (libtards, SJWs, cucks etc) with logic and facts. He doesn’t care about your feelings.

I love the "Johnny Johnny, Yes Papa" meme videos. Some rich content up in there, you should check it out.
I think you already get Family Guy...but here are a few funny memes I found

The only thing you need to know is that Peter Griffin is a character in Family Guy, which is basically Seth MacFarlane's Simpsons.

Sans the Comic

Undertale is a game on the Nintendo Switch (or PC/MAC). Watch some of the gameplay and you’ll see a few interesting styles. It has nostalgic 8 bit, pixelated graphics. There are combat sequences, maps and dialogue boxes that have the feel of Pokemon, but with an eery, offbeat twist. You play as a child who has fallen underground into the world of monsters. You meet Sans and his brother, Papyrus (whose dialogue texts are in comic sans and papyrus, respectively), two playful skeletons who kinda want to kill you, but kinda want to help you on your journey. If you play the timeline with violent choices (known as the genocide run) instead of merciful choices, Sans is the final and strongest boss.

I don't know why, but I read this caption in my head with the voice of Peter Griffin. What makes this "Ben Shapiro Sans" is the following: The background is the golden chamber you fight him in, Ben is in grayscale, with a blue jacket, and he has the glowing blue eye. 

Sans has a unique series of sounds associated with him. One is the sound he makes when “talking”. Characters “talk” with a unique tonal beeping that is in sync with the text that is displayed in the dialogue box. He makes terrible, skeleton related puns (that comic, Sans). The entire musical score is 8 bit themed, and surprisingly good. Sans’ final fight features the composition “Megalovania” by Toby Fox. Once you hear it, you will identify it with the character thereafter, and see it in many video memes across the web.

Here is some kinky Sans fanart. 
Tracer Tik Tok Phenomena

Tik Tok was an app that allowed users to record themselves singing, and then let a stranger perform a duet in some interactive way. This was widely regarded by many internet people as a bad move. Cyber bullying on the platform reached epidemic levels, and the app was shut down (but not before infecting us with several terrible earworms and videos). The soundbite in question is from a song called No Mercy by The Living Tombstone. It’s a song about fighting over what character to be from the game Overwatch, where you can choose from many different playable characters, one of whomst’d’ve is named Tracer. The Tik Tok videos typically revolve around a girl who appears to be a “gamer girl”, and a guy making fun of her because he doesn’t buy that she’s a gamer. As video game culture garners mass appeal, it will get so mainstream that *gasp* it's cool to be a gamer!

The lady in question doesn't have her controller turned on during the video, is clean shaven, and has immaculate skin hygiene, thereby proving she is not, in fact, a gamer

In addition to that song, there are also several more that people performed that get memed often. There is Falling in Reverse’s Good Girls Bad Guys, which is ripe for beardneck bullying (m’lady *tips hat*), and iLOVEFRiDAY’s Mia Khalifa, filled with cringeworthy girls showing off their...moves? attitude?

No Nut November - PornHub stunt, or good ol’ fashioned protestant repression?

Welcome to our second annual No Nut November (NNN). It’s a little late now if you haven’t already started, but there’s always Dickless December. Basically, NNN is a joke challenge of not climaxing during November. It has a variety of meme-iful applications, and had a strong presence last year in November too. If you want more general info, here’s a nice reddit link.

No Nut has resulted in many pornographic references, getting users banned from other forums or subreddits. In an attempt to police the No Nut participants, people will post basically porn, followed by some taunt that they better not be nuttin'. This can get you banned from certain communities, or can result in your account being suspended for violating user agreements/content policies.

In case you didn’t already know, porn site comments are filled with comedy gold

So like, you get it now, right?

Ok let’s try to tie this together, I’ll hold your hand through this. Ben Shapiro and Peter Griffin are like obnoxious asshole guys, that have become highly caricatured, but are still looked up to by many people as strong, influential, and controversial figures. Sprinkle some Sans on there to appeal to the youths, and make reference to yet another comical, beloved, yet challenging figure. Tracer is like, a super annoying yet oddly normie mainstream reference (if you’re young enough to have been on Tik Tok). Porn is just a great word to elicit an emotional reaction, especially a forbidden and controversial emotional reaction. Of course the memelord who posted this would LOVE to think their content is so edgy and controversial it would get them banned from anything, but the sweet, meta-irony is that in and of itself, this is a super mild and tame meme. It’s almost cute really.


It's wild how one simple image can have so much rich cultural history to it, if you just take the time to understand. One day, when our grandkids are downloading our thoughts over the neuralink, you'll be like *~~~* and they'll be like *!!!*.

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